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Parent and Family Resources

Emergency Communications

For serious family emergencies or a death in the family (whether in boot camp or in regular service) Parents and Families must use Red Cross Emergency Communication Services. Red Cross will work with your service member's chain of command to ensure that s/he is prepared to receive the news and that it happens at an appropriate time.

Red Cross Emergency Communication Services


Absentee Voting Information

It can be challenging for service members to participate in elections. This resource provides excellent information on how to register and vote if you are in the military.

Federal Voting Assistance Program

Be Smart About News

Use legitimate and official military news for information. These include official branch news sites, your service member's official unit Facebook page, and legitimate military news sources such as the Military Times and it's associate branch sources. 

Army News

Marine News

Navy News

Air Force News

Be Safe, Love Mom

Since 2015, Elaine Brye's book "Be Safe, Love Mom" has been the go-to for common sense advice for military moms. Grand Junction Barnes and Noble usually has this book in stock.

Her Facebook page and website are also a wealth of information. Be sure to download her free Military Parenting 101 e-book!

Western Region One Source

Western Region One Source is Western Colorado's one-stop service center that connects veterans, military service members, and their families with service providers and resources in order to enhance their opportunities and quality of life.

WSBSM Handouts

Bootcamp for Parents and Families

Helpful tips as you send your child off to basic training

My Child Wants to Join the Military. Now What?

A place to start as you help your child through the enlistment process

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