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2022 Convention Fundraiser

The National Blue Star Mothers Convention is an opportunity for our delegates to learn about what other chapters across the country are doing and bring fresh ideas back to our community, as well as have a voice in National policy for Blue Star Mothers.
Purchasing this limited edition fundraiser shirt supports our delegates to get there and bring more super powers back to our community!

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Who We Are

The role of a Military Mom is quite different from that of most mothers. We feel such pride in our kids decision to serve and like all parents, we are excited and happy to watch them as they grow into their military careers, whether that is for a single contract or a 20 year commitment.  But at times we also live with anxiety and sometimes fear for the very real dangers our child may face as a member of a military service branch.  

The women of Western Slope BSMA support each other, providing understanding, compassion, and celebration that only another military Mom can understand. 

We give opportunities for community involvement and service that help bring us together, promote the importance of military service, and honor our active duty men and women and our veterans.

You will find us at small member-only meetings, reaching out to Moms at community events, and participating in parades and ceremonies that honor our military.

Reach out, we Get It!


What We Do


Community Outreach

Find us at local events, reaching out to Moms, military families, veterans and our community.


Service Opportunities

Service and volunteering is a great way to combat anxiety and build pride in our children's decision to serve!


Ceremonies and Parades

We love participating in community events that honor our active-duty service men and women, veterans and military-bound graduates!


Care Packages for Troops

We send care packages to stateside and overseas active-duty service men and women from across the Western Slope.