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June 15, 2024
Sherwood Park, Grand Junction

Who We Are

Western Slope Blue Star Mothers CO8 is a local chapter of Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., located in Grand Junction, Colorado on the beautiful western slope of the Rocky Mountains. We are women who have children serving in all branches of the military, national guard, and reserves, and children who are veterans.

Our mission is to strengthen and connect our military community, and to make certain military service is honored, respected, and remembered.


Members of WSBSM support each other with understanding, compassion, and celebration that only another military Mom can understand. We provide opportunities for our members and our community to come together to honor our active-duty men and women and veterans, and promote the importance of military service.

We work to create a community where young people see the Armed Forces as a desirable career path, where service members know their sacrifices are valued, and military families are connected and able to support each other.

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