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military holiday


Thanks for dropping by!

Ask any Western Slope Blue Star Mother why this group is important to her, and the answer you are most likely to hear is “I don’t want any other new military mom to feel the way I did when my child left for boot camp.” This year, you might hear a few that say “Because I want to give back to an organization that supported me.” We are grateful that our work is gaining traction in the community, that more people know our name and our mission, and that you are here reading this letter! We are so appreciative of the support you give by spreading the word about what we do, volunteering your time, and donating to our work.


It’s been a truly extraordinary year for our Chapter. We’ve been blessed to be part of the send-off for almost 90 new service members headed for boot camp, we reached and recognized 28 Western Slope military bound seniors this Spring, we’ve sent over 100 cards and care packages, and (icing on the cake) won the “Most Inspirational Unit” at November’s Veterans Day parade! We started a new program to better follow our new service members throughout their service, so we can continue to support them even after their boot camp send-off. All in all, it truly is a season to celebrate!


As we look forward into 2024, we will be sending care packages to active-duty service members early this Spring, supporting the VA Veteran Baby Shower in March, and celebrating our 2024 military-bound seniors in April. All of these activities require financial resources and we would appreciate your support through a donation or business sponsorship. 

Colorado Gives Day is a great day to give because your one-time donation will be matched in part by a $1M incentive fund. If you want to stretch your gift even further, sign up for a recurring donation and spread your gift throughout the year. You’ll not just make things easier on your budget, new recurring donations get an extra match!


For those who will have your service member with you this holiday season, we wish you joy in every every minute, extra hugs, and wonderful memories stored away for times when they aren’t close enough to touch.

For those whose service member isn’t home this holiday, we hold their safety close to our hearts, and give thanks that it is 2023 and that technology lets you be close even when they are far!


And for those who have an empty seat that will never be filled, we wish you memories filled with love and laughter to share with family and friends. 

Wishing you every good thing in this holiday season, 

Western Slope Blue Star Mothers

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